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When Death Occurs

Preparing and Publishing an Obituary

Obituaries are an important way to inform people about the death of a loved one, remind them of the person’s accomplishments, and to provide information about the funeral or memorial service, burial arrangements, suggested memorial donations, etc.

Sinai funeral directors can write and publish an obituary on your behalf, or help you do so yourself.

Writing the Obituary

You’ll need certain information in order to write an obituary. To help you create an obituary, we’ve prepared a Newspaper Notice/Obituary Information Form that outlines all the relevant information you’ll need. Once the necessary information is collected, you can write the obituary or we can write one that you can then edit.

Regardless of how the obituary is created, you will have final approval before it is distributed.

Publishing the Obituary

Once an obituary is created and approved, Sinai will publish it on our website at no charge. It will include the obituary itself; a photo of the person who died (if desired); information on the service and burial (if chosen), with maps; shiva details; and links to the websites of organizations listed for charitable memorial contributions.

In addition to or instead of a full obituary, we can publish a brief death notice in the newspapers of your choice. The death notice can serve as the sole obituary, or it can direct readers to the full online obituary. We can also assist you in placing a traditional, complete obituary in newspapers of your choice.