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Making Arrangements

Casket Price List

Adult Casket Price Range
Alternative Container Price Range
Infant and Child Caskets up to 31/2 feet in length
$1,450 – $15,000
$325 – $1,250
No charge

Traditional Wood

Nahum Solid Pine Traditional Construction
Unsanded Unfinished Natural Pine Flat Top, No Interior $1,450.00
Kidron Solid Pine Traditional Construction
Sanded Unfinished Natural Pine Slip Cap, White Dexter Interior $1,650.00
Haggai Solid Poplar Traditional Construction
Sanded Unfinished Slip Cap, Ivory Crepe Interior $2,150.00
Jacob Natural Pine Solid Pine Traditional Construction
Sanded Unfinished Pine, White Flat Crepe Interior $2,700.00
Poplar Clear Solid Poplar Traditional Construction
Fruitwood Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior $2,900.00
Ophel Poplar Veneer Traditional Construction
Satin Antique Mahogany Finish, Moselle Crepe Interior $2,995.00
Abraham Finished Pine Solid Pine Traditional Construction
Satin Mahogany Finish, Ivory Crepe Interior $3,195.00
Redwood Clear Solid Redwood Traditional Construction
Natural Redwood Finish, Ivory Crepe Interior $3,795.00
Obadiah Solid Poplar Traditional Construction
Gloss Brooklyn Walnut Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior $3,800.00
Issac Honey Railless Solid Poplar Traditional Construction
Gloss Honey Finish, Rosetan frost Crepe Interior $3,850.00
Jahleel Solid Poplar Traditional Construction
Satin Early American Shaded Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior $3,850.00
Golden Oak Solid Oak Traditional Construction
Satin Custom Mediterranean Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior 4,350.00
Shalom Solid Poplar Traditional Construction
Polished Walnut Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior $4,800.00
Ashmont Birch Traditional Construction
Dark Satin Finish, Rose Tan Crepe Interior $5,100.00
Tohar Maple Traditional Construction
Polished Caramel Finish, Natural Cotton Interior $6,400.00
Jerusalem Solid Cherry Traditional Construction
Polished Amber Finish, Arbutus Velvet Interior $7,100.00
Issachar Solid Walnut Traditional Construction
Polished Natural Finish, Sanded Velvet Interior $9,995.00
Hezekiah Solid Mahogany Traditional Construction
Polished Custom Red Finish, Sand Velvet Interior $13,500.00
Concord Solid Plank Mahogany Traditional Construction
Medium Oil Rubbed Walnut Finish Beige Velvet Hand-Tufted Interior $15,000.00

Non-Traditional Wood

Hudson Solid Poplar Construction
Polished Walnut Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior $4,250.00
Redwood Cut Top Solid Redwood Construction
Natural Satin Finish, Rosetan Frost Crepe Interior $4,650.00


Treemont 20 Gauge Steel, Gasketed
Coppertone Shaded Ebony Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior $2,150.00
Empire Blue or Silver 18 Gauge Steel, Gasketed
Empire Blue or Silver Finish, Blue or White Capri Crepe Interior $2,650.00
Monroe Silver 16 Gauge Steel, Gasketed, Brushed Urn Corner Silver Finish
Seville Tufted Velvet Interior $4,595.00
Newport Stainless Steel, Gasketed, Brushed Topaz Shaded Golden Fawn Finish
Almond Mayfield Velvet Interior $5,995.00
Harrison 32 oz Solid Bronze, Gasketed, Brushed Urn Corner Shaded Venetian Finish
Almond Velvet Interior $9,995.00

Cloth Covered Pressed Wood

Hinge Panel Steel Pressed Wood Construction
Steel or Silver Embossed Cloth Covering, Ivory Crepe Interior $1,650.00
Tan Phoenix Pressed Wood Construction
Tan Phoenix Cloth Covering, Ivory Crepe Interior $1,900.00
Lawton Oval Pressed Wood Construction
Rose Cedar/Silver Octagon Cloth Covering, Rosetan/White Crepe Interior $2,375.00
Air Force Blue Phoenix Pressed Wood Construction
Blue Phoenix Cloth Covering, White Frost Crepe Interior $2,595.00


Cremation Container Poplar Veneer Plywood $1,295.00